Wearing the American Baby

I follow a lot of baby stuff on facebook, I don’t expect a normal person to keep tabs on the baby world as closely.

So in case you missed it – there’s this magazine titled “American Baby” and it’s free, you can subscribe and get it at home, etc.

This is their May cover. (Yes, May is almost here!)

My first 2 thoughts when I saw this: 1) I miss my Moby wrap, 2)Something looks weird.

Well, it turns out that the “mom’s” (maybe she is that baby’s mom, I have no way of knowing) incorrect wearing of the baby stirred up a huge controversy online (surprise surprise, welcome to the internet).

And if you’d like to read about it, you can do so here.

On the general topic of baby wearing: we now have the Ergo carrier, but I feel like the wraps are somehow closer and make for more of an intimate bond with the baby. Though it would get so hot, and all that time wrapping it around (though I got pretty quick at it towards the end!)

I guess if/when I have my second one, based on my reading I would want the Solly Wrap!

What about you guys/gals? Did you wear your babies? Why/why not? And what did you wear them in? How did you deal with it being too hot/too cold?

I thought it was great when it was cold because dressing the baby for cold weather is always a bit nerve wracking – you’re checking them every 5 minutes because they MUST be cold, but they’re actually too hot.. But this way you share a microclimate and everyone’s on the same page. =)

Hi! I am a very fortunate mom to now TWO adorable little boys who have taught me so much already. I started this blog after becoming exhausted from sifting through all the conflicting information out there dealing just with pregnancy and childbirth. I wanted to do the research, evaluate the scientific worth of the information and condense it for other time-deprived moms like myself!

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  1. Maria

    Ergo although I always feel like baby is not too comfortable in it. Now it’s getting too hot so both Sasha and I sweat to death. So I don’t really use it outside anymore.

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