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Well… if you haven’t noticed – I’ve been trying to find my blogger self for a while now.

I started this blog over 4 years ago now (wow!) because I was overwhelmed at the amount of information, often conflicting, targeting pregnant women and new moms. We all want to do our best – but sometimes it is so hard to know – what that best is, right? And I was going to do all this research and post my findings and help everyone breathe a little easier.

Over the course of time I’ve learned that – you don’t have to obsess about prenatal vitamins, as long as you’re getting enough iron and Folic acid in whatever supplement you have. DHA and fish oil – not required. Swaddling or not swaddling – not required.. And basically every little thing that’s out there – is mostly just a way to make money and doesn’t make much of a difference in the final outcome for your child. That conclusion doesn’t really leave me with much to write about now, does it? =)

And then life took me a step further and taught me another lesson – not only does doing “all the right things” not significantly make things better, your kid could still get cancer! You can make your own baby food, have your baby in the carrier 24/7, co sleep, breastfeed on demand, eat only organic, live on a farm, have pets, have no pets, not smoke, have no one around you smoke… Ultimately – all that doesn’t matter. I dare you to try and tell me that if I did more prenatal yoga, or only dressed him in organic bamboo outfits from day one – that “neuroblastoma” would not come to define our household.

Either you’re dealt a crappy hand or you’re not. All you can do is make the best of it or freak out about it… And all this time (since I was 18 weeks pregnant with Niko) I was looking for reasons not to freak out about things – because it seemed like everyone around me was trying to get me to do just that. And I was trying to use those reasons to convince others – and to better their lives by helping them have less stress about stuff that ultimately doesn’t matter.

But you know what. I can’t force you to change your mind or your life values. I can only change mind. And I’m sorry, but I can’t keep worrying about you… Plus – you can’t force your help upon others if they don’t want it! And the only issue that actually affects me – is whether or not you choose to vaccinate your kids but – I can deal with that on an individual basis and with principles of our future schools.

This whole thing has helped put everything into perspective and just to really enjoy the everyday. We get to live each day only once. There’s only 52 weekends a year, there’s only 92 days in a summer (and in the US – with the school schedule – there’s even less!!!). And you only get 17-18 years with your child – really, before they go off and do their own thing entirely (but they become more and more their own and less yours even earlier on). That just seems so short! And to have it potentially cut even shorter – which you never know – is always a possibility… Now my main and only goal is to teach my kids (by example!!!) how to be happy. In every situation and at any time of life. Because you know what – that’s really the point of life. And it’s tricky because you have to listen to yourself and figure out what it is that you need – that would make you truly happy…


So – how about – that’s what I’ll focus on? More stories and pictures of just our everyday life (and the pursuit of happiness)? Would you like that? Would that be inspiring?

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  1. Kristin

    I’d be very happy to read your blog of everyday goings on; I always like reading about what my friends are up to, especially when it’s mundane and day-to-day. In the same way that you’re teaching your boys happiness (by example), teach us!

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