Thursday night

We are home! From our last hospital stay! It’s all so hard to believe… But it is still monumental nonetheless.

We got to witness a whole group of medical students go from their first nervous days of residency to super bad ass second years.. :) learned all the nurses names (and I’m bad with names!) and come across wonderfully caring people in every department.. They know our faces all over!

And Niko has learned how to take medicine in every form possible, together we mastered administering shots… He’s learned about sunblock and hand sanitizer (that was the first thing he did when we got home!!) He knows words like pharmacy and laboratory, and what each one of those is for. And for a while there he kept saying the word “biopsy” because we used to repeat it so much… Dressing, heparin and alcohol wipe… I can’t wait for his everyday to be filled with less of that and more of swimming, fun and proper boy childhood misdemeanors.

I didn’t have any expectations at the start of this, and I never forgot that there were no guarantees. Each day was already a bonus, a present, another victory. So – while today is without question epic and amazing, in a way – it’s just another day… Because there are still no guarantees. We are still just going one foot in front of the other. Still every night before bed I have only one ask (sorry World Peace, not you anymore)…

I am also enveloped in an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. So many people have been alongside us on this journey, feeling everything so acutely – when we ourselves were often numb because of our defense mechanisms. Thank you for shedding our tears for us! And sharing in our joys!!! This big milestone is for all of you! And once we are off isolation – we’ll have a proper party!

If you haven’t already seen it – the video of Niko ringing that bell is all over facebook and instagram!

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