Technical difficulties

Ok guys(ladies)

is anyone else having issues loading my blog? Every time I get in front of the computer to do something worthwhile on it – it gets so laggy, crashing every other time, I just get annoyed and quit! (That’s why I’m already on level 2 bajillion on Candy Crush!)

(jk, I’m only on level 142)


Big things around here this week:

-planning our 1st birthday party

-no teething (yaay)

-another attempt at sleep training

-and big question of the day: why does little N like the crunchy sticks with kale powder on them, but doesn’t get a kick out of my favorite green beans? =(

AND: congratulations to the world on another beautiful baby! Who’s mom, a very dear friend of mine, will probably not be reading this anytime soon, but none the less. I am holding my own mini online celebration for this significant even, so feel free to join in! =)


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