Stories of kindness

The one thing I find myself saying the most since our whole diagnosis is not “why me” or “it sucks”, it’s “thank you”. People have been so remarkable and amazing. I don’t even know of ways to adequately express my appreciation.

I was hoping to give each story an individual post, though that would still not be anywhere near enough to express the gratitude we feel. But I also don’t want to get this lost in time. So sorry if this post is a little long. But – it’ll also maybe have some ideas in case you have some friends in a similar situation and want to do something meaningful for them!

1. Our mom group has been incredible! From giving my mom rides to the hospital during our 2+ months in the hospital to bringing all of us dinner for an entire month! We haven’t been up for any playdates, but they bring us goodie bags from all events that they do. Anytime we need anything – they’re there. When I wasn’t ready to give Niko shots and my husband had to travel – a mom that was a nurse would come and help. When Niko’s still long hair was getting tangled and his fingers were getting stuck in it – they were there with a care package of Hotwheels and detangling spray. And dvds and books and pj’s for him and me and… And took our dog to the groomer and for walks and… In this age of the Internet – it has been so special to witness all this love, and even more so – to be on the receiving end of it. Thank you!!! Even though we rarely meet face to face, thank you for making sure I don’t feel alone!

2. You’ve already heard at least part of this story. Before Niko’s first mibg treatment we went to a grocery store, where we ran into some firefighters that had paid for the next person’s order at the Starbucks – which was us… And since then we’ve been regularly coming to the station on their shifts. They have to watch Bubble guppies and Niko raids all their cupboards for fun firefighter themed toys. They FaceTime him when he’s inpatient and they also got him an amazing personalized back pack made out of a fireman’s jacket filled with firefighting toys. It takes big hearts to fill those big boots!! Thank you!!!

3. There’s one mom who’s also a hair stylist. She recently moved and hasn’t set up a shop yet, so – she works out of this amazing suitcase. And she wanted to do something to help.. She came over to our house and colored my hair in the most amazing way, and gave me a haircut. Free of charge! It is definitely making me feel tons better! There are lots of days when I don’t have time to even think about showering and feeling just a little pretty goes a long way in stating positive.
Thank you!

4. Trader Joe’s. We’ve shared this story already too. Niko loves their tiny shopping carts! So, we looked to see if there was a similar one we could buy somewhere and ended up sending them an email and asking. And then we got a call from our local store, asking us to come by in the afternoon. They had a cart wrapped up for Niko filled with goodies!!! Now all he wants to do is roll it around the neighborhood… :)

Thank you!!!

5. We regularly get packages – sometimes we don’t even know from who – with books, toys, and things from Niko’s wish list. Thank you!!! Most of them – I put away in preparation for our transplant – it’s easier if the toys are new and still packaged. And I’m sure it will still be rough to contain him in this hospital room (we are actually in it right now, as I write this) for a month and a half. But I know all those toys will help. Thank you!!!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!


6. We also love seeing all the pictures of you guys in your #Nikolikes gear. It always makes me tear up! None of you have to do anything about this. And yet you chose to help us in soooo many ways.

I don’t know how we will be able to repay the universe for this. Hopefully having created the miracle of Niko counts a little!

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