1. Iriska

    1. swimming, swimming, swimming. Now it is little bit cold outside, so I switched to prenatal yoga and some other exercises from prenatal dvds and of-cource walking, every evening after work we with Max walk home for 30 minutes from TMC.
    2. It was a nightmare to find a god pair of pants and jeans, my on-line shopping went complete disaster, I ordered couple of pants from gap: size 0, regular length and even at 8th month one is till big for me. I found a good pair of velvet pants-jeans in macy's on a maternity cloths rack and bought them on 16th week, because all my low rise jeans become really tight even I didn't have a belly yet at that time, but the uterus. I didn't buy any special maternity tanks, or sweaters, all my size S sweaters are still looking good on my growing belly, but t-shorts are really small for me now, but it not a problem for me since it is still texas winter and I am working in the office and don't suppose to wear t-sirts ))
    3. sorry cannot help on this one. hope you're better now!
    4. ha-ha. me have one! I have hairy stipe along Linea Negra, but it doesn't bother me. don't know if should )
    5. cannot help with this one too.. don't use nail polish at all..
    6. I read a lot of vitamin reviews, but my doctor said that every vitamin bottle contains approximately the same amount of vitamins and minerals, so he suggested to go to store and pick up whatever i like. So first I finished my my Компливит from Russia, and after switched to regular Centrum Multivitamins. but what is DHA? mine don't have it..

  2. Natasha

    I'm just scared they will deflate… and look like "syrup coming down the side of a bottle if someone doesn't pour it right" (I heard that in a youtube video this weekend and laughed, and cried a little bit inside).
    What happens to the hips? Is it an actual change in the bone caused by the baby moving through, or is it just that that's where the priority fat storage goes and becomes impossible to lose???

  3. Anonymous

    Don't worry, if you nurse, you will probably keep the big breasts. Mine haven't gone back to pre-pregnancy. They went down some after the first one but not all the way. My hips will never be the same though, so your body shape may be a little different after the baby comes. It's okay, though, you're a Mom! – NH

  4. Natasha

    do they already include DHA?

    I hate how the pills have to be so big, and especially – that there has to be TWO big pills! =(((

  5. kiranna

    Волосы…..да…..я под конец себе напоминала кавказкий женщина….все пузо было как у медведя. Это пройдет после рождения, не сразу, но пройдет обязательно, не волнуйся.

  6. Natasha

    Vitamins – those are the ones I started with, and – as innuendoish as it might be, maybe because of the nausea, those pills were too big for me to swallow =( AND the gel ones STINK! But I'll get back on it =)

    Alright on the boobs! Thanks for the tips! I'm looking forward to moving close to a Target, so far the closest one is one city over… And you have to park on the roof and take the elevator with your shopping basket, its just too weird!

    Tweezing gives me ingrown hairs =(
    I've actually done laser hair removal on my chin, but it seems like it only made it worse =(

  7. Anonymous

    Here is the breakdown for the woman's one a day one.
    I don't know if it is plant derived or not…go at it bio chem girl! Nature Made is a great brand though, and I'm sure it would be good too. Both have 200mg DHA

    The drugs were my lifesaver. I am so glad I broke down and took them on bad days.

    So far, boobs are the same bigger size. It has been 4 months and I am transferring her over to formula for several reasons. I'm sure that will change once I hit a diet to loose the last 5 lbs. I also shopped targets clearance rack…bras for $5 :) If you will be nursing they have great nursing tanks too. They work for pregnancy shirts and after too.

    Also, forgot about the hair comment. Yes. Sorry. My tummy hair got darker and longer too. So far that hasn't gone away. I got little hairs on my chin too…..ick. Tweezers are my friend. :/

  8. Anonymous

    1)Do whatever you feel comfortable to do. I walked a lot till last day. I even to manage skating till may belly start growing and my CoG moved to a new location :).
    2)Sorry. I promised long time ago. I'll send you a pair of jeans – you'll shorten them then. Jeans – a must have. Possibly shorts/capri for summer. As for tops – I bought regular stuff one size up at TJ Max. And then give it to my mom. Not much though. It was easy to pair T-shirt with before-the pregnancy cardigan (open) :). Be creative! All pregnancy cloths are so ugly (my opinion) anyway.
    3) I don't know. I was lucky to skip this part.
    4) Hormones! This is why!
    5) If you don't do your nails every day – it's safe. Just air the room after the procedure.
    6) Vitamins. I was taken really expensive ones – by prescription. I'll try to find the name. My doctor told me that the dosage in over the counter vitamins is too small. But I wasn't so good in taking them though. A pack for 36 days (I guess) lasted for 2 months for me :).

  9. Natasha

    well, my biggest concern is – my boobs have already grown 2 sizes, and are still growing… I'm hoping they don't deflate back.. =) thankfully gilly hicks has bras for 12.90!!!
    Thank you so much for all your answers Stace!!!
    I got the drugs today too! Seems to be working great! Now I'm super hungry! And apparently its also used for schizophrenia and anxiety treatments… I guess pregnant women fall under both of those categories, so – generally now I feel great! =)

    For the DHA – did you have the plant derived one? Is it the gel capsules that are… these:
    http://i.walmartimages.com/i/p/00/03/16/04/02/0003160402579_500X500.jpg ?
    I'm looking at these for my next ones.
    I got the chewy kind, and you have to take 2 pills a day… And a month later I read that they only contain 31% of the recommended daily amount!!! =(((

  10. Anonymous

    oh and the fat thing…. you will go back down to size. don't worry. It is scary but your old clothes will fit in a month or two with out exercise….as long as you don't gain more than reccommended during your pregnancy. Stace

  11. Anonymous

    You are making me laugh with all these posts! Love them! Here is what I did…
    1 – I was told you can do what ever you did pre pregnancy. I didn't want to do that. I took it easy and stuck to walks and what I could do before getting too tired. Later on when you are almost done, exercise will be getting up of the sofa.
    2 – Clothes. I bough two pair of jeans. Just do it. They are heaven the first time you put them on after squeezing into your other pants. Tops. I stole Serge's t-shirts most of the time and only bought a few things to get me through social visits. Luckily there are a lot of non-maternity cloths that you can get that will work. Target had great stuff for good prices. All the other stuff was from Kid 2 Kid resale. Looks like your closest one is in Santa Clara.
    4 – no clue. Sorry. I cheated with the drugs to help out.
    5 – Don't worry on this one too much. Yes, aviod the salons if possible but pamper yourself too. Now is the time. I went a couple times after I couldn't reach my toes anymore. Just don't stick your nose in the bottle and you will be just fine. A lot of the stuff suggested is for those that overdo…like the once a week manicure ladies. A little is no biggie. When in doubt, ask your doc on the next visit or call the nurse. They are there for all kinds of questions :)
    6 – I used the Women's One a Day Prenatals with DHA. They were a bit more expensive than some of the others, but I liked them. Then once she was here, I switched to the HEB generic version of it for $8 less. My doc acutally recommended the Target brand with DHA. She said they were one of the better over the counters. :)
    Hope that helps! Stace

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