Niko’s first day

Despite my strong penchant for telling stories in accurate chronological order, I’m going to have to start with most current events first – while they’re still fresh! Otherwise I am just going to get eternally backlogged and there will be no hope whatsoever. Today was a big day. Not just because it’s November 1st and … [Read more…]

Thursday night

We are home! From our last hospital stay! It’s all so hard to believe… But it is still monumental nonetheless. We got to witness a whole group of medical students go from their first nervous days of residency to super bad ass second years.. :) learned all the nurses names (and I’m bad with names!) … [Read more…]

Coldplay letter continued

People have been asking me about Coldplay… And I’ve been putting off writing about it, even though I knew I should, because they kind of broke my heart… And I spent some time getting over it – didn’t want to write about it while I was still upset. And after that – I didn’t really … [Read more…]

#nikolikes Pixar!

Before I wrote a letter to Coldplay, I wrote one to Pixar (guess I like writing letters.. =)) and had the honor and the pleasure of hand delivering it! One of Niko’s doctors has a friend that works there – and we got to go for a tour. IT WAS AMAZING!! Definitely more so for … [Read more…]

Monday Music

A little bit of #nikolikes for you to charge up your week! Niko LOVES this song, and now he always asks for it in the car. It is known as the “policeman song”. And if he sees trashcans he always asks if we want to crash them like the policeman.. =)) Enjoy!   P.S. if … [Read more…]