Niko goes to the dentist

Well, apparently chemo teeth is a thing. I only found out about it when following a blog of a little neuroblastoma girl ¬†– she had to go get a tooth pulled in the OR, etc.. It was very scary for a completely unexpected parent like myself. Then I encountered some other people that had gone … [Read more…]

Aloha Niko! The beginning…

It has now been almost a month since we got back from our Make A Wish trip to Hawaii. In case you aren’t familiar with Make A Wish, it is a non-profit fueled by donations and volunteers that makes wishes come true for kids with life threatening illnesses. Obviously, neuroblastoma is a life threatening illness, … [Read more…]

My 50 kopeks 

(because -it sounds like you guys need to start becoming more familiar with Russian things . . . Kopeks are like our cents. Expect compared to American cents they’re worth much less. . )  This isn’t about politics. . . I try to be as apolitical as possible. . .  You know how -everyone loves … [Read more…]