The scary C word

While I am not ready to be the next Batkid’s mom, or some kind of activist/spokesperson raising awareness for things, I’m also not trying to hide our diagnosis, especially – in case it helps some poor mama out there, going through something similar. 3 months before his 3rd birthday, our little guy received the diagnosis … [Read more…]

Happy 28th

The 28th is a special day in our family history. I know we’re far from original, but every month there is one day when we’re always just a little extra thankful for each other. It’s rarely anything elaborate or even involving more than an extra hug and wishing each other a happy 28th.. Today marks … [Read more…]


We’ve been living in the hospital for over a week at this point. Still waiting for our diagnosis and trying to keep it together because we’re getting glimpses of the funny and sweet little boy we know only when we get his pain meds exactly right. We don’t know exactly what it’ll be like for … [Read more…]

10 lists you don’t see floating around

Where are these pinterest posts and Facebook feed links? 1. Top 6 ways to make your kid’s iv less painful 2. DIY o2 monitor that’s not scary 3. Handmade blood pressure cuff that really feels like a cuff 4. Toddler meals for the sick child with no appetite. 5. 10 ways to deal with all … [Read more…]

It’s never lupus

It has been over a month since we’ve attended a playdate. Or went to the park, or watched planes at the airport, or danced like fools to our beloved “Salsa Tequila” song… Our little man (the older of the two) has been sick… For a few days there I thought this nasty fog that has … [Read more…]