Neuroblastoma 101

I really appreciate how many of you want to be informed and keep up with Niko’s treatments and progress! And in the spirit of efficiency and saving time – I wanted to give you a little run down of things. I think by this point in our life as a species, each one of us … [Read more…]

Happy 4th!

We have never been as thankful for this country as we are this year. If we were anywhere else – we would have to worry about scraping together money and travelling somewhere to find treatment… So many things that I constantly hear about people struggling with back across the ocean. But instead we can focus … [Read more…]

Mustache cakes

When I get stressed, I shop…  And I’ve come across the biggest shopper black hole there is. Or rather – it found me. And sucked me right in! I think every order I’ve placed from there can be somehow correlated to stressful points in my life…  :) mother in law coming for a visit.. Fighting … [Read more…]

Support in, dumping out.

*Disclaimer: this post was written a while ago and I’m only now getting to editing it. I was in a different place and I think it might be a bit harsh, yet I still feel like it has a right to be and needs to be said. We are immensely thankful and appreciative of all … [Read more…]