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Before I wrote a letter to Coldplay, I wrote one to Pixar (guess I like writing letters.. =)) and had the honor and the pleasure of hand delivering it! One of Niko’s doctors has a friend that works there – and we got to go for a tour. IT WAS AMAZING!! Definitely more so for the adults than the kids. It was more epic than meeting a childhood hero – I specifically remember the time I first saw the Pixar short of the mom lamp and the baby lamp, it has stayed with me my whole life! Back then I was a small kid in Russia, and the odds of me ending up living minutes away from where that was created, and – getting to take my children there to share this with them – I’m still blown away!!! It was such a wonderful day, it wasn’t just an emotional recharge, I feel like it created new levels for storing positive energy that I didn’t even have before. It was a great experience! One that we will definitely treasure for the rest of our lives!

I believe cartoons are the purest form of art – intended for the most innocent audience, they come directly from the heart. They are a big responsibility – they can have HUGE impacts on people’s lives, forming foundations for their characters… I value, appreciate and respect quality cartoons a lot. They teach us how to feel, and to dream and to hope. Our world can suck sometimes, but most of us have this undying hope inside us, and I’m sure the cartoons we watched as kids have something to do with it!


Dear wonderful people of Pixar!
We are so honored to be able to give you our thanks.
Your work has brought so many smiles to our family and so much comfort and security to our son Niko. Over the past year we’ve spent months in the hospital for his cancer treatment and – we got through it by having movie marathons. Niko likes to watch his favorites again and again. Picking out and appreciating the tiny details (the way Wall-e practices holding his hands, or how Mike’s butt is smoking when he gets stuck in the engine of his new car). Each of the Toy Stories (including all the shorts) is treated as an independent feature (and his absolute favorite is partysaurus Rex!!) with all of the main characters residing in his room. He picked out red hearing aids – the color of McQueen and for a long while he used to always have to have his favorite cars with him in the hospital bed. He even has a little McQueen suitcase that he takes with him to the hospital and always rolls it himself! And we sometimes talk him into eating by reminding him about Ratatouille (and that’s how he knows Paris!)

Thank you for creating his first friends (since we are on isolation and have been scared of germs forĀ  a whole year now) that are always there for him!
You do amazing work, and it makes the world a better place in more ways than you know!


Now every time we’re watching a movie and the Pixar intro is on the screen – I ask Niko – what does that say??? And he yells PIXAR!!! And I tell him that all those wonderful people made this movie just for him.

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