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I finally wrote a letter to Coldplay. But it doesn’t fit into the form on their site!!! =) So – I’m going to place it here and send them a link to it. Maybe, hopefully, someone will read it!



Dear wonderful people of Coldplay, 

I’m a long time big fan. But I’m also a mother of two little boys. And my oldest one, Niko, – it feels weird referring to him as the oldest – he’s so tiny, he will be 4 in August… 3 months before his 3rd birthday he was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. It’s been a shitty year to say the least… But I wanted to tell you guys thank you for doing everything that you do. Niko has been listening to your music from inside the womb even. I used to put on a special playlist of your songs for him every night for bed. Now he can’t really hear well without his hearing aids thanks to the chemo, so – we don’t do it anymore… But he’s still here! And at our odds – it’s already more than I could have asked for. 

He really loves the Sky Full of Stars music video. And I just recently learned the story behind it, and now I feel less crazy for thinking that all your songs are directed personally to me.. =) And Yellow… oh.. I can’t even think of that song without crying anymore. 

I heard a rumor that Chris visited UCSF Benioff Children’s hospital right around the time of the Super Bowl here in San Francisco. We were admitted to our bone marrow transplant there on Feb 7th, the day before the Super Bowl! I wasn’t sure how to feel about it – we were so close and yet so far – no visitors allowed in the BMT unit unless they’re on the list… But we watched the show on Youtube and spent a good three hours replaying the Adventure of a Lifetime video that popped up after. It is now known as the monkey song. Thank you!

I was originally going to ask you for ways of sneaking Niko in to your concert here in Santa Clara on September 3rd – he will probably still be in isolation and not allowed near crowds due to his recovering immune system. And then I was going to beg you to take a stand for pediatric cancer – because #4percentisnotenough. But now I just want to say thank you. Thank you for all that you do. Bringing so much hope and light to this world that is in desperate need of it. 

The support campaign that we launched for Niko is #Nikolikes –  the focus is not on anger and fighting but on the wonderful things that make life worth living and fighting for. And definitely #Nikolikes Coldplay!

There are so many things that can be done to change and improve the situation with pediatric cancer in this world. It is so not right for these kids to be suffering for something they are at no fault for. And sometimes – there is a chance for a cure, a treatment, but the family can’t afford it – the thought of that just breaks my heart. We are so lucky. We have great insurance. We live next to one of few places in the world that does the treatment that ultimately cleared his disease (the MIBG radiation treatment at UCSF).  Niko has had clear scans since his surgery in January – with no evidence of disease. We’re still finishing treatment, and it’s still brutal. But we get to have so much hope. And there are some parents that don’t get that – there are still, in 2016, diagnoses with a 0% survival rate. That was the case with neuroblastoma 20 years ago or so… I guess we’ll just have to keep raising awareness and calling for action. Thank you so much for your part! 

So much love, respect and gratitude, 

 thank you for getting through my long ramblings!

Niko’s mom,

Natasha Carmichael

P.S. We’ve been following your tour on snapchat (or snopchik as Niko calls it). We’re blown away! Niko keeps “wow”ing and exclaiming at every little thing. It had always been my dream to take him to your concert. And when he got diagnosed – that was one of the “bucket list” things I was bummed about. Hopefully sometime soon!! 

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