Niko update

100 years ago we didn’t have penicillin (in fact, it wasn’t discovered until 1928, and wasn’t used to treat infections until 1942!). There were so many more things to fear back then. Just think of how many times you’ve taken antibiotics in your life, and felt better soon after. And what if instead of doing that you had to lay there, dying, and praying for your life. And today we have ways of treating so many different types of cancers and even curing most of them!

(which is why it seems that much more ridiculous to me to have kids dying of 100% preventable diseases, but this is not a post on that topic)

Niko is done with his surgery. He’s rather comfortable. And the expectation is that he is now disease free. It is still a thought I have to get used to! It’s a task made more difficult by all the procedures he still has to undergo. I’ve spent so much time focusing on and preparing for the transplant that I don’t even want to divert my attention from that. The transplant is so sucky and rough, and if I think of it in terms of – he is now free of disease, why would he need the transplant? – doubts start to seep in, and justifying putting him through all that ┬ábecomes impossible.

So, that’s what’s up.

And at least now I have some time to tell you guys all about our trip to Disneyland, so stay tuned!

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