Niko goes to the dentist

Well, apparently chemo teeth is a thing. I only found out about it when following a blog of a little neuroblastoma girl  – she had to go get a tooth pulled in the OR, etc.. It was very scary for a completely unexpected parent like myself. Then I encountered some other people that had gone through chemo and – they confirmed. It really is a thing! So – we booked Niko an appointment stat – we suddenly realized his teeth were looking kind of weird, with some odd signs of wear on them. And it turned out that – things were even worse than we thought! He had 8 or so cavities, and we went in last Monday morning for what was meant to be the first of 2 appointments to get those filled in.
I was so nervous for him! And so full of self blame! I had bad teeth when I was little, so much dental work… The things I had to suffer through make modern age dentistry look like a visit to the spa! So – I was already attentive to introducing proper dental hygiene early on, etc. But apparently not enough! And I was sure that all the misery that he would be subjected to – could have been prevented if only I had done my mom job better…
The doctor prescribed Niko half a Xanax an hour before the appointment, I made sure to get that filled! I gave him the half pill in the morning (if you find yourself in a similar situation – crush it up, mix it with some nut or cookie butter. No matter how many pills and meds he’s swallowed before – apparently this one tasted awful!), and the show started. Suddenly he was so pleasant to be around! So caring toward his little brother! It was incredible! Telling me multiple times that breakfast is delicious! :) asking Luka if he’s having a good morning… But getting him to focus on the simple task of getting in the car was a different story!
He was a bit apprehensive once we walked into the actual room, even though last time he was a total champ for the exam.
Luckily – Niko likes his dentist, and once the doctor walked in the room – Niko agreed to get on the chair. He even put the headphones on to watch the movie and didn’t mind having the gas thing put on his nose. Because his cavities weren’t deep – he didn’t have to be numbed and the gas was enough. There were two techs helping out the dentist – one actually assisting and the other one – to hold Niko’s hands – to “make him less nervous” and make sure he didn’t freak out.
But – he didn’t freak out!!! He did so great!!!!! I couldn’t believe it! And they were able to fill all the cavities in one go – in less than an hour!
The only downsides – he was a bit sleepy and tired from the gas and didn’t want to go to school. And apparently – the light was in his eyes so – he didn’t actually get to watch the movie, but he’s seen it before, so… No biggie.
Afterwards balloons were awarded for awesome patient and awesome quiet supportive brother (gotta thank the Ipad for that one).
Check instagram for a video of xanax+Niko ;)

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