My 50 kopeks 

(because -it sounds like you guys need to start becoming more familiar with Russian things . . . Kopeks are like our cents. Expect compared to American cents they’re worth much less. . ) 

This isn’t about politics. . . I try to be as apolitical as possible. . . 

You know how -everyone loves in different ways. For example -I enjoy reading  and I love to share certain passages with people -so they too can enjoy the experience. Part of my love for my spouse -is to read to him the extra good pages of my books , as I read before bed. He, on the other hands -loves to just go to sleep. So -I have learned that it is much more meaningful and loving to him for me to stfu and let him sleep! I have augmented the way that I love based on the feedback I’ve received. That doesn’t mean that when I would read to him -that act of love was any less pure or legit. It was as honest and true and -I was genuinely loving in the best way that I can. 
I kind of think – when Trump says he respects women -it’s a similar situation. He may very genuinely believe that he respects us to the best of his ability. Everyone respects differently . . .  But -it’s his unwillingness to listen and change that based on the feedback we’re giving him -that kind of taints that respect and makes it less meaningful to us. What is it ultimately about -him feeling like he respects us or us feeling respected? 

Well. Let’s hope I’m wrong ! 

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