Mustache cakes

When I get stressed, I shop…  And I’ve come across the biggest shopper black hole there is. Or rather – it found me. And sucked me right in!

I think every order I’ve placed from there can be somehow correlated to stressful points in my life…  :) mother in law coming for a visit.. Fighting with my best friend, thinking about going back to work.. My baby prefers dad over me.. This is a triple order situation now!

But it’s their fault for giving me free shipping through the weekend.
Now I just have to wait for like 3 weeks before I actually get my stuff.

But once I do – Niko will get mustache shaped eggs and pancakes, mustache shaped cookies, a mini stuffed cactus toy, and train and airplane shaped pancakes.. Yes #Nikolikes mustaches…
Maybe their next sale event will have an “add on kitchen” I can stick on to the house, just for my breakfast & mustache tools.

Not a lot of news on our situation. He’s happy and seems to be having a good time and enjoying life. I get sad seeing pictures of him with his cute hair, he seems so much older now. Some days I’ll come across a sad neuroblastoma story online, and then I’ll have a rough few days, and some days I’ll read a good one and get a little bit back to normal. But most days I feel like I’m just holding my breath. The expectation is that things will get a lot harder and a lot worse before they can get better. Just – trying to prep for that…


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