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Every hospitalization I think – how lucky we are that we have all these facilities and treatments just a drive from home. How great it is that we can all be together, and maintain a maximum level of normalcy. And I think about all the parents, sometimes single moms, that have to choose between going to work, taking care of their other kids, or visiting their sick child in the hospital… And even though it’s always hard – I always remember that it could be so much harder. And this time we were supposed to spend the holidays apart – Niko was scheduled for his transplant, and no one under 12 is allowed… Family is everything, right guys? And being together during the holidays – priceless, no?


So – I came across an awesome thing happening in the world. Most major airlines apparently partner with loads of charities to help bring families together!!! And you can help by donating your air miles. Instead of getting an upgrade for a more comfy seat for your butt for a couple of hours – you could bring a child’s relative to him/her for Christmas – while they’re stuck in the hospital. (You can also donate to Make A Wish, if you’d rather fly a child to an adventure of their dreams).

Isn’t that something?

If you have Delta – you can donate here. And select St. Jude’s hospital or the American Cancer Society.

For United – you can donate here.  They have even more charities to chose from!

In the beginning we were telling people to give blood – when they were asking what they could do. But now – you can add this to the list too!




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