Monday update

Last week was a blur – with things getting back on track after the holidays.
We’re in a “calm before scans” period right now, and they are inevitably getting closer and the nerves are starting to build…

But today – I took Niko to the play cafe we used to go to on occasion. I’ve stayed away from it for a long long time.. Because, you know, you don’t know! :) you don’t know what kid has picked up what where and is now passing it on to yours on the slide.. The hard part is – it’s directly across the street from the lab! And today, after we dropped off his blood work he saw it and started asking to go. And he was so patient and nice about it. And I’m already feeling sooo bad for him for the upcoming transplant and his numbers are good… I said – what the hell, let’s go!

But I explained to him that first we have to make sure no one is sick, and if someone is, we might not be able to go. He was waiting to patiently, holding my hand, standing by the counter, while I explained our situation.. And it wasn’t busy, so – he got the green light!

And when it was time to go – he was totally cool about it. I was in shock! I think – he realized he’s a lot older now and it’s not as fun for him, and maybe also that we now have analogues of all the toys there, and more.

I’m really happy he got to do that! Warmed my heart!


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