Monday update

Happy New Year! I wish I could say that last year has flown by or been great, but… It hasn’t really. And it’s looking like this one will be a bit intense with Niko’s treatment lasting through at least August. But – I was focusing on baby steps with him getting better and it is already amazing to see how far we’ve come – step one was coming home together after that very first, scary hospitalization. Step two – his birthday, and step 3 – Christmas. In the beginning – I wasn’t sure how long he’d be around for so – thinking for any measure ahead filled me with fear, and that’s why I broke it up into do-able chunks.

Anywho! He’s good, we’re good. The holidays were good. We have scans next week, so – everything will either be already great or still working on getting it to be great. But for now – we’re dancing, being goofy, making cookies, building train tracks and working on being a good brother and a friend.

I’m a video embedding noob, apparently, but if you’d like to see our day in a nutshell, you can do so here –

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