1. Natasha

    I feel you =) I totally do, but now – having moved so many times and getting ready to move again, I realize I have this box of postcards all the way from when I was in like 5th grade, and what's the point?? I maybe look through them every time I get ready to move and find the box, and then I can't bring myself to throw them away bc of these sentimental values, but it's really just guilt – I feel guilty throwing this stuff away that someone gave me, but I don't need it… I've just been really trying to de-junkify my life lately, esp. since space is so expensive in California, you learn what you don't really need very fast! And so I would feel hypocritical junkifying someone else's life =)

  2. averie

    yes I mean real photos snail mail style. I am a sentimental type and I keep things like that… it is nice to get photos and card; I guess it gives the impression that a person is going out of their way to include you specifically in the goings on of their life… I dunno, maybe I am just a sucker for crafts and the idea of making cards to send out sounds like a great time. lol

    i know it takes time and money though, so I won't hold it against you if you choose not to send out cards and stuff! :-P

  3. Natasha

    like little old school post cards in the mail? It just seems so archaic, and what's the point? By the time I have time to get photos printed, address and stamp and send out – everyone will already have seen, known everything through facebook/email

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