Life shorts

(as in short stories from life lately)

1. Is it super rude if – when someone at the grocery store points at my belly and squeals – “you’re about to pop!” “any day now!” or,  I’ve even gotten one of – “were you do yesterday?” I reply with a – “Oh wow! Thanks! I hadn’t noticed!”

2. One morning this week I woke up to my mom (who is here with us to help us out, bless her!) telling my dad on the phone that apparently their iPhones have a built in flash light and this is how you get to it – because Niko discovered that feature for her :))
3. also, now all our devices are password protected and we’ve learned that you can put the ipad into airplane mode from the lock screen (that was a hilarious discovery)
4. Today my mom asked me if it’s possible to turn off screen rotation on the ipad or if Niko broke that somehow..

Each one of us is learning something new every day. :)

We’ve been doing laundry non stop all week (when I say we I mean my mom, bless her again!) because we have A LOT of baby stuff! But it’s all finally coming together very well! I am definitely feeling accomplished!
Now if only the weather would get better so we could do that maternity photoshoot before there’s no maternity going on anymore.


Loads of love to you all!

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