Let’s talk Sleepsacks!

Ah, a sleep sack (bag) – what a Snuggie wishes it could be! Seriously, why don’t they make these for adults?! =)

I remember stories from my dad that would fill me to the brim with guilt about how he used to get up every so many minutes at night because he would have the feeling that I had kicked my blanket off in the other room, and he didn’t want me to get cold, so he would go and cover me up. Apparently he had come up with some solution to this problem during my brother’s time but it was deemed too inhumane by the mom-and-grandma committee.

Thank goodness those days are over! We as parents have it so easy these days! Dads no longer need to stay awake half the night, truing to ensure proper coverage of their babies.

There are lots of different types of sleep sacks out there, and your need for them is going to depend on where you live.

Aden and Anais have gorgeous, super soft and light sleep sacks for warm weather. And now they’re also carrying “easy swaddles” and warmer version of both swaddles and sleep sacks thanks to extra layers of muslin or even merino wool in some models. If you’re looking for something really really warm – be sure to check out their cozy plus sleeping bags.  I should just buy 5 of those and stitch them into one big one for myself =)

At the Birth and Baby fair last November they had two different booths with sleep sacks. These things were so gorgeous and soft!!! And it was the only thing on my baby list since I kept everything from my first son, but he was born in August and I was having a winter baby. I walked away from the show with a sleep sack from BadaBoum. Vanessa herself hooked me up with the beauty you saw my son snoozing in on Instagram earlier this week. This thing is so soft, so light! And SO WARM!!! It gets very cold in our bedroom at night and even in a thick swaddle – I notice my son has cold hands. When I put him in this sleep sack, even though his hands weren’t bundled up – they were warm every time I checked. It was also the best night of sleep we all got!

And another super awesome blanket solution I saw at the Baby Fair was from Nini and Pumpkin called the Moon Cocoon. I love their idea and I LOVE their elephant print!!!!

The novelty here is that it comes with replaceable tops (or bottoms if you want). Rarely is both the top and bottom of your baby’s outfit soiled. This way – you can just change the top part and you’re good to go! It also means less laundry! I could’t really justify spending this much (150$ for one set of Moon Cocoon with 2 tops) since we live in California and don’t see freezing temperatures unless we drive up the mountains, but if you live somewhere chillier, I think that investment definitely makes sense – it will last you for over 4 years! There are some merino wool sleep sacks on Amazon going for even more than this, and they don’t have the versatility of turning into a blanket down the road. Plus – you guys can use their super special discount code for friends and family – N&PF&F at check out for 20% off!!

The downside of all of these is that there are no sleeves. If you have no heating in your home or sleep in the snow – you’re definitely going to want warm sleeves on that baby. The only place I had encountered sleeping bags with sleeves was in Europe. Maybe you can find a website that’ll ship some out to you. The store I saw them in was Hema. Bonus part – the sleeves zip off! When I was there a few years ago they had sleeping bags made out of comforter-like material, I see thinner ones on the website now.

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