1. Natasha

    It seems like our insurance is better than that. But we have Cigna and I heard they take forever with their billing…
    So far I'm guessing I owe something but I have no idea how I CAN pay them…
    That's weird that ultrasounds aren't covered…

  2. Natasha

    haaang on, where are you getting 4200 from? But even if the epidural is not covered – doesn't it count toward the deductible?

    And I know Tony and I are separate for the deductibles, but he's not having to do anything in relation to this baby, so I'm not factoring him into any equations. Guys have it easy. No fair!

    I'll def. ask the front desk ladies for the info next time I go in!
    Did you have an epidural? I'm scared about that too, isn't it a shot into your spine?!?!?! Yikes!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Insurance is easy, like NH said. You call your insurance, tell them you had a baby and fill out a form within 30 days of birth. Done.

    Other things like application for the Social Security Number and birth certificate with the state are forms that are filled out at the hospital. Ours sent them off for us. We had her SS# the following week after being home.

    The insurance copay/deductible game.
    It all depends on your providor. The next time you go to the doctor ask the sign in desk to go over your coverage to confirm you are understanding it correctly. Ours warned us of all expenses up front and then the hospital called to go over our costs for the hospital. I only had to pay our specialist copay the first visit to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy and the rest of the checkups were covered with our plan. Then the deductible for a hosptial stay was doubled because it only covered 3 days and I was there 4 with the c-section (Wednesday night to Sunday afternoon). I then met the max deductible so if I had to stay longer or something it would have been covered and other medical expenses were covered. Note that if you and T are on the same plan, the max deductible is only for one person so if he has to do anything too it is another max of 2000.

    From what I think yours says…You will have to pay the 1600 when you get to the hospital. And I am sure the difference before you leave the hospital if you have to have a c-s. The max deductible may be additional costs that insurance may choose not to cover up to 2000 but not any more. That will most likely be billed later. So…from what I translate from your post…you will pay a MAX of 4200 for delivery. Some insurance companys are *@#$ers and don't want to cover the cost of the epidural as it is not 'necessary' medication…ask that too….not to scare you.

    Hope all that made sense :/

    Oh….and if we didn't have insurance, the break out sheet we recieved to show total cost and what insurance covered came out to over $33,000….so they say………So how do so many with out insurance have babies….and lots of them…..????? Tax payers at work my friends! LOL Stace

  4. Anonymous

    You just fill out a form after the baby is born and they add him to the insurance. You usually have 30 days to do so. Also, I paid the doctor 1800 for all his fees for the pregnancy and the hospital 2300 for labor, delivery, and recovery. I stayed in the hospital for only the mandatory 24 hours (for the baby), and then I was out of there! You cannot sleep when people are checking in on you all the time. I didn't have any drugs besides pitocin to induce labor. I think the ultrasounds were about 400, and you usually have 2 unless there are concerns. Labwork will probably run you several hundred more dollars. I'd recommend you call your insurance company and talk to them if you have any questions. All policies are different. We pay everything until our 5000 deductible, and then we pay nothing and insurance covers us. So, we know a baby will only cost us 5000 max. – Love you! NH

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