I am the 1.5%

According to a very simple calculation I penciled out, there are about 106 million pregnant women in the world at any one time.
Basing this on the current birth rate and population numbers, %age of twin births, etc.
I did not account for higher orders of multiples, but I also completely skipped over the amount of pregnancies that end early for whatever reason. So it should be bigger, but 106 million is still a pretty big number!
That’s equivalent to 1/3 of the population of all of the United States! Or 35 states of California full of pregnant women, or 6 full states of NY…
However, National Geographic tells me we have already hit and passed up a population of 7 billion, that makes pregnant women the extreme minority with occupying only 1.5% of the world!
Now, I just wanted to see how many other ones, like me are out there. The fascinating part is that everyone has her own story. We are alike in so many ways, and at the same time so very very different.
Mainly because I really love a good rant and don’t want to seem negative to the dear people around me, but also because I want to share my story, connect with some potential girl-soulmates and just make some memories did I feel this absolute and grasping need to start a blog. And I’m finally feeling just slightly less miserable to where I can sit in front of the computer for more than 10 minutes at a time!

So lets get buckled in our car seats, have our binkies and a diapy change at the ready, and see what’s going to set me off next.
I’m not a mean person, but I just feel like these raging hormones stir up all kinds of never-known before rage, guess that’s why they’re raging. 


  1. Iriska

    Natasha, I will say it again – this is such a wonderful news! We are 33 weeks and I guess I am among these 1.5% too ;)) I have my own pregnant diary, but it is absolutely personal. I had such emotional roller coaster through my first part, so I needed some place to relief my self and calm down just by writing about all those things that happening to me. But if you want I can share with you one thing – just listen to you "heart" – your body, it doesn't lie, and everything will be just fine ;))

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