Heeeey! It’s been a while..

So often I beat myself up about not blogging more, but then I respond with – who am I kidding? I’m exhausted, things are a mess and I certainly do not feel like I seized the day. Who am I to give other parents any kind of advice or direction? Clearly – I don’t have any of this figured out…

But then I remembered about this one parenting coach who’s seminar I listened to. She doesn’t have it all figured out either!!! =) (I didn’t really tune in to any of her other seminars after that though..)

It’s not about advice. It’s about banding together! Because drinking by yourself is a sure path to alcoholism, but – drinking by yourself in your own home while knowing that at the same time – other people are doing the same and for the same reason – now that gives you a sense of community, eh? =) Say what you want, but – modern technology has enabled us to feel connected without even saying anything. Scrolling through photos, or reading posts or watching vlogs – even if you don’t put anything out there in terms of messages or content – still makes you feel like you’re participating with other adults.

So – let’s participate together! How’s everyone doing?

Niko has started school (like forever ago, actually). And for some reason – that didn’t give me nearly as many emotions as seeing him go on his first field trip this morning! =) He’s so excited about driving like an hour to some pumpkin patch (well, I guess he doesn’t know about the hour part. And doesn’t remember that he’s already been there a few years ago). We picked his clothes out the night before and discussed what he wanted to have for lunch. So cute!

Both boys are super excited for Halloween. We already have everyone’s costume (as of like 2 weeks ago.. yeah. =)) I feel a little bad though – Luka wants to be Marshall from paw patrol, and we had a quick talk about how many I can be Ryder (I proposed it and he was like – yeah. sure), and then he kind of forgot, and then I saw this costume of my dreams while we were on a Target run together, and both boys were like – yeah! You should get it!! And then later we were talking about our costumes again, and he was all excited – “And I’m gonna be Marshall! And YOU’RE gonna be Ryder!”… oops… But they don’t really make an adult Ryder costume. I honestly looked!!!! And why not? That’s like an awesome idea!! Come on world! Catch up!

I have slowly been (veeeery slowly) moving towards minimalism, and I gotta say – it is life changing! I love it!

Oh! And I’ve been “shooting” more. That’s been pretty awesome and exciting. So – if you’d like to support that endeavor – you can throw me some likes! On facebook, on instagram, or – if you’re in the Bay Area – set up an “introductory-price” shoot – I gotta pay off my fancy new camera ;)

I’ve been trying to keep updates going on the #Nikolikes facebook page, and we are slowly working more on the whole #Nikolikes project, we still have just a few pins left, so – if you want one – you can still order here. And people have been sending me pictures of their pins – I LOVE IT!!! Please – share them!! That’s the whole point!

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