1. Natasha

    то есть у вас несколько разных классов, и вы на все ходите???
    А про кормление, да. Мне повезло – я как раз с этим работала в TCH… И мы думали создать какой нибудь workshop для мам. Потому что вроде как они же все ходили на такие классы, но насколько глубоко им там всё рассказывали… потому что большинство мам которые учавствовали в наших исследованиях совершенно не умели считывать сигналы малыша.
    Ничего, все всегда лучше "learn by doing" ;)

  2. Iriska

    на первом занятии учились менять подгузники, пеленать и принимать первую ванную, очень познавательно ) но понимаю что первый раз с человечком на руках будет все равно страшнее чем с куклой.
    на втором уже больше о процессе родов – о его этапах, как быть готовым, чего ждать и как справляться.
    на общеобразовательные классы ходим вместе, у нас теперь каждый понедельник до 9го Апреля, если раньше не родим ))
    только вот на сегодняшний брестфидинг класс я сходила сама – не могла подумать что много разных тонкостей как прикладывать маленького – что есть глубокое (хорошее) прикладывание – и неэффективное – как распознать и как "бороться", но больше всего меня конешно пугают все эти насосы, которых не избежать к сожалению с выходом на работу.
    в общем мне понравилось – особенно для меня, когда мне проще показать и рассказать чем прочитать в книжке и просто посмотреть на картинку.

  3. Natasha

    But there's so many different possibilities, you can't really know what course things will take, right? But I guess it is good to be prepared for anything. I just don't want to have to worry about stuff I don't actually have to worry about!
    We'll see what classes the hospital will have that's near where we are moving to.

  4. Natasha

    спасибо! А ты на классы какие то ходила? Книжки читала? Как в России вообще это делают?

  5. Anonymous

    oh and I took them in month 7 – 8 so I wouldn't forget any information AND I wouldn't get freaked out about the birth long before I needed to worry about it ;)

  6. Anonymous

    I took a general birth class, breast feeding, baby care and infant CPR classes because they were free at our hospital. Baby care was pointless if you have ever been around a baby. CPR good. Breast feeding was very informative if you plan on doing that. And because I am a control freak, the birth class was very informative. I wanted to know details and what to expect from water break and checking in to leaving the hospital. They taught and had you practice all different types of birthing methods to see what you felt most comfortable using. Sounds odd, I know. But it did help. SG

  7. Anonymous

    Ура! Какие хорошие новости! Пусть м дальше всё будет только хорошо! Аня м

  8. Anonymous

    You can look up classes at bradleybirth.com. I had 8 classes once a week for 1-2 hrs in the evening at someone's home. The instructors do it in their homes, and there are usually only a dozen people because they like to keep it small. The husbands need to go to the classes, so they can learn the relaxation techniques. Toni has to be able to help you on the big day, so he needs his practice. I think it was three to four hundred dollars which included the materials and such. However, you can always check the book out of the library and just ask me any questions you have… NH

  9. Natasha

    Is this Bradley Birth Method an actual class? I'm guessing so if you wanted to be an instructor. Is it pricey? Plus is it a big time commitment for the husband? And – when about are you supposed to start these classes?
    I will definitely look them up! Thanks so much!!!

  10. Anonymous

    I totally recommend the Bradley Birth Method. I have had to be induced for both of mine because they are stubborn and won't come out (Evelyn was 7 days late and Eli 11), but that was the only drug I needed. I popped them both out with some pain (it is childbirth), but they did pop out – 9 lbs, and 10 1/2 pounds in 6 and 3 hours, respectively. You basically just relax and let your body do what it is going to do because it is going to do it anyway. I just read the book for Eli's birth since I took the class the first time. The book is Husband Coached Childbirth (I think) which makes sense, since they train your husband to help you relax and look out for you. Even if you get an epidural and stuff, it is nice to have practiced relaxing through pain because you never know when epidurals won't work right or if you can't have one because you are giving birth too quickly. When my life settle down, I am really thinking about becoming a Bradley birth instructor because it helped me out so much. They are really into the "no drugs" thing (a little too much I think- I am going to take Tylenol for a headache if I have one while I'm pregnant!), but the relaxation methods for handling pain are spot on. – NH

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