Friday mini-rant #2

As we prepare for the weekend, hopefully this will cause me to be more active and pro-active, and do more stuff in order to keep me from thinking about all these things.
These things that I want but can not have or do. I guess this post needs to be preceded by another post I have planned: “Stuff you possibly didn’t know pregnant women couldn’t have”, but I plan on getting technical in it, so I will save it for next week…

  1. SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!! never really liked sushi all THAT much, but now… and it seems like EVERYONE is talking about it – “mm! We should go have some sushi! oh wait, you can’t… nevermind…”grr!
  2. Pears. Apparently not everything is always in season in California, and particularly pears. They have some green organic ones, but I just really want regular ones. I’ve tried canned ones, not the same! 
  3. Cherries. These don’t seem to exist at our crappy grocery store either. I was completely fine until I saw some in the basket of a guy behind me already in the checkout line… And I told myself I’d get some next time, but they weren’t there!!! =(
  4. A nice stiff drink… 
  5. Or a nice cold beer…
  6. I also keep having dreaming where I am smoking, even though I don’t smoke, I don’t like being near smokers, etc etc… 
  7. Soft-boiled eggs. It used to be my perfect breakfast. I had my morning routine down, with the 4 minutes it took to cook one, plus 2 minutes to cool… not any more!
  8. A nice runny poached egg over some asparagus.. (always hearing “eggs eggs eggs” in the background now)
  9. Or a nice smoked-salmon eggs benedict…. (eggs eggs eggs!!)
  11. A delicious, sweet watermelon – the kind they have in Russia! *sigh*
  12. Bluebell Rainbow popsicles. Ironically NOT something they have in Cali. I don’t know why good popsicles are so hard to find! 
  13. Jenni’s Noodles eggrolls and chicken fried rice… OOOH MAAAAAN!!!
  14. CHICK-FIL-A!!!! The closest one is 4 hours away. I am seriously considering the drive! 
  15. Cheesecake Factory Clam Chowder. But I never make it there on a Friday. I don’t even know if I can have some clams…
  16. I also want to not have to keep buying bras in increasing sizes!  Never thought that would be something I would have a problem with =)
  17. I want a nice day of skiing or snowboarding and an evening of hot tubbing and booze… =)
I guess I’ll go eat a banana =(


  1. Natasha

    а мне наоборот кажется что я не достаточно пью… иногда бывает такая жажда нападает, и без сладкого-солёного….
    но что то отёков никаких нигде нету… тьфутьфутьфу.
    Тут говорят кушать всё что хочется в разумных количествах, если хочеться разумных вещей =)

  2. Anonymous

    Ну это в плане отеков. Ешь соленое-сладкое => хочешь много пить => появляются отеки => гестоз => внутриутробная гипоксия. Не знаю как к этому в америке относятся, везде же разные точки зрения, в россии как я описала

  3. Natasha

    А что со сладким в больших количествах? И про обильное питьё??? Вот ты меня насторожила!

  4. Anonymous

    Хе-хе, по алкоголю очень скучала в первую беременность и в период кормления, а сейчас уже и не тянет. Суши я ела, но только горячие роллы, пропеченые или с авокадо просто, типа вегетарианские. Ещё безумно скучала по икре. И сладкому в больших количествах, и обильному питью. Аня

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