February goals

Last week it seemed like people were running out of steam on their resolutions, so – seems like the perfect time to get more serious about mine :)

1. Palm oil. We’ve been trying to avoid it before. But now it’s to strong boycott level. And sure enough – that scandal about Nutella being the spread of death came around shortly after. Come on. Who’s surprised that something that good actually will kill you? :)
2. Clutter. I’ve been chipping away at this for a while.. Slowly changing habits, reevaluating spaces, etc etc. I finally feel like the results are starting to show. Still some way to go, but it is getting easier! And watching the Minimalism documentary on Netflix was definitely a great motivational kick that took me to the next level. This book was the first motivational kick:


3. No new toys. While closely tied to diminishing clutter – this one is about teaching value. Niko’s wants were over saturated the past two years, with so many people wanting to help keep his spirits up – we received soooo much stuff! And we knew it was too much and it wasn’t good for him, but the tipping point was when on Christmas day he opened a couple of presents, and then didn’t care to even open the rest!!! I’m proud to say – we have gone a whole month with no problems. I only bought some letter and number flash cards – which is educational! And a box of different size pompoms for developing fine motor skills with Luka… And a book on planets… Because you know… Space.. It’s awesome :)

4. Getting outside more. Let me just say it – I’m not exactly big on the outdoors. Gasp! I knoooow! :) you know.. It’s too hot, or it’s too cold. Or it’s raining or… That sun is shinning and you gotta do the sunblock… I mean.. Come on! But! We’ve been making an effort to hit up a trail near us – with our dogs! Or at least – the playground in our back yard.. Baby steps. But I’m proud of myself! And having less mess and less clutter really helps me with that – I never want to leave if the house isn’t clean, and sometimes it seems like that’s an impossible goal, so I would get stuck in a rut..

5. No iPad. And hopefully – no phone screen time for the kids either. They really do get addicted to it… And if Luka got the iPad for half an hour while Niko had a doctor’s appointment – for over a week after he would be begging for it again! And crying and climbing everywhere to try to find it… So – I told the boys we gave it away… Gone! And after a day – they moved on!! We even went to a doctor’s appointment – and that’s what we originally kept the iPad for – waiting at the doctor’s.. And we brought some little toys… And they played with them and didn’t think about the iPad once! It was amazing! (as is Niko’s vision – which we were checking at that appointment).

I think that’s a long enough list. And – February is the best month for trying stuff. It’s only 3 days shorter, but mentally it feels like it’s safe enough to commit to the shortest month. Right? :)

Are you guys still sticking to your resolutions? What were they?


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