Niko’s first day

Despite my strong penchant for telling stories in accurate chronological order, I’m going to have to start with most current events first – while they’re still fresh! Otherwise I am just going to get eternally backlogged and there will be no hope whatsoever. Today was a big day. Not just because it’s November 1st and … [Read more…]


Oh wise internet, show me the answer. After a week of flying solo and keeping two little humans alive there is one issue that I just don’t know how to deal with.¬†How can I effectively get my two (and now – a half) year old to.. shut his mitt, bring the volume down on his … [Read more…]

Life shorts

(as in short stories from life lately) 1. Is it super rude if – when someone at the grocery store points at my belly and squeals – “you’re about to pop!” “any day now!” or,  I’ve even gotten one of – “were you do yesterday?” I reply with a – “Oh wow! Thanks! I hadn’t … [Read more…]