The beautiful royal momma and her royal baby!

Oh my goodness, she is so beautiful! The baby, of course, is incredibly cute as well, but her! She looks so beautiful and humble that I don’t think any woman/girl/lady out there could possibly say “I’m better than she is, Will made the wrong choice” :) and that’s how it should be! I’m sure we … [Read more…]

Mid birth story!

She may not be the Dutchess of Cambridge, but she is my dear friend and she was due last week, and she is still currently waiting for something to start happening! And while my dear pregnant friend has been waiting I thought it would be fun to ask her some questions in regards to her … [Read more…]

Royal birth story

What can I say… :) We’re all in this together. It’s the one thing that joins all women across time and space. Congratulations to Duchess Kate and prince William and their baby boy! And congrats to all of England! I bet it is a happy day/week over there! (sorry, no credit for the picture – … [Read more…]

25 is my cutoff

Anyone that had dated me in the past decade knew that I was going to have a kid by the time I was 25. That was my plan, and if I had to be a single mom and find a donor – then that is what I would do. Then real life hit, and we … [Read more…]

What was in your box?

Guess who has had food poisoning for the past 4 days? Luckily – not our little guy, but – I could still have done without this! One thing that’s been driving me crazy almost more than the constant nausea is my curiosity! I wanted to ask: what did you guys get in this month’s Citrus … [Read more…]