This is 1

This morning, without my knowledge, Niko has scheduled me for some target practice. Where’s the line between instilling healthy food habits/not forcing and making sure he gets enough to eat so I’m not constantly freaking out that I’m underfeeding him?! :( Also we have our 12 month shots coming up this afternoon, I’m getting nervous … [Read more…]

Happy Monday..

… Except it’s already Tuesday! But Monday was so rough, I decided I need a do-over! Oh Stacy! Why did you have to be so right about boobs deflating into pudding once you stop breastfeeding?? And I only hope you are as equally right in telling me that things will “perk up” soon! Also – … [Read more…]

Goodnight already!

Dear son, When I am old, and possibly senile, and you are grown enough to make your old decisions and have your own life – I just hope you will somehow realize that me being awake from 1 to 4 in the morning (let’s hope it will end there), tags teaming with your daddy to … [Read more…]

Technical difficulties

Ok guys(ladies) is anyone else having issues loading my blog? Every time I get in front of the computer to do something worthwhile on it – it gets so laggy, crashing every other time, I just get annoyed and quit! (That’s why I’m already on level 2 bajillion on Candy Crush!) (jk, I’m only on … [Read more…]