Teething Saga continued

I’m sure you all have been dying to know how we have been faring under the pressure of these incoming molars. Well, we’re still alive, still hanging in there. But – a bit less pep in my step to be honest. On night 2 I thought I’d be clever and take advantage of having to … [Read more…]

Who wants a book?

So I have this book Which has some nibbles on a corner Clearly babies think sign language is delish! I, personally, did not implement this stuff because I’m a lazy slob. But I have seen it in action and it’s really cool and does work! Now I do regret not sticking to it, but oh … [Read more…]


Hey guys n ladies! Instead of making you check here on occasion, only to be disappointed that I haven’t posted anything new – I’m going to officially put an “out of office” notice on here! Please check back in the beginning of October! Lots of ideas and material to share with you, I’m excited to … [Read more…]

Busy busy busy!

So many posts to write, so little time to do it! =) Our first birthday party was pretty great! Huge thanks to everyone who sent us gifts/cards/messages and called us up! Those of you on instagram/whatsapp have already seen the awesome rocking Panda Niko has been cautiously checking out, and today we got our Academy … [Read more…]