I have so many Niko stories to tell you, but today something else has been on my mind. I’m sure you’ve already read or seen the story about the man who dressed up as Santa to go see a dying boy.. If not – get a tissue and read this. For a couple of days … [Read more…]


Oh wise internet, show me the answer. After a week of flying solo and keeping two little humans alive there is one issue that I just don’t know how to deal with. How can I effectively get my two (and now – a half) year old to.. shut his mitt, bring the volume down on his … [Read more…]

The gift of time

I got a lot of overwhelming feedback on my post about “The Circular Life”. While I try to keep this a positive place, life cannot be positive all the time, and this post is coming from the same place as the one before. We always want the best for our kids. Naturally. And through lots … [Read more…]