Niko goes to the dentist

Well, apparently chemo teeth is a thing. I only found out about it when following a blog of a little neuroblastoma girl  – she had to go get a tooth pulled in the OR, etc.. It was very scary for a completely unexpected parent like myself. Then I encountered some other people that had gone … [Read more…]

Aloha Niko! The beginning…

It has now been almost a month since we got back from our Make A Wish trip to Hawaii. In case you aren’t familiar with Make A Wish, it is a non-profit fueled by donations and volunteers that makes wishes come true for kids with life threatening illnesses. Obviously, neuroblastoma is a life threatening illness, … [Read more…]

Thursday night

We are home! From our last hospital stay! It’s all so hard to believe… But it is still monumental nonetheless. We got to witness a whole group of medical students go from their first nervous days of residency to super bad ass second years.. :) learned all the nurses names (and I’m bad with names!) … [Read more…]

Niko update

100 years ago we didn’t have penicillin (in fact, it wasn’t discovered until 1928, and wasn’t used to treat infections until 1942!). There were so many more things to fear back then. Just think of how many times you’ve taken antibiotics in your life, and felt better soon after. And what if instead of doing … [Read more…]

Stories of kindness

The one thing I find myself saying the most since our whole diagnosis is not “why me” or “it sucks”, it’s “thank you”. People have been so remarkable and amazing. I don’t even know of ways to adequately express my appreciation. I was hoping to give each story an individual post, though that would still … [Read more…]