Happy 4th!

We have never been as thankful for this country as we are this year. If we were anywhere else – we would have to worry about scraping together money and travelling somewhere to find treatment… So many things that I constantly hear about people struggling with back across the ocean. But instead we can focus … [Read more…]

Mustache cakes

When I get stressed, I shop…  And I’ve come across the biggest shopper black hole there is. Or rather – it found me. And sucked me right in! I think every order I’ve placed from there can be somehow correlated to stressful points in my life…  :) mother in law coming for a visit.. Fighting … [Read more…]

Little tyke

So let me tell you the significance of this photo When we first arrived in the hospital – things were really really scary. And I saw this little car in the hallway – for the kids to ride and I told myself than – if we can get him to ride in the car – … [Read more…]

Stories of kindness

I’ve said it so many times already, and I feel like I’ll say it another couple thousand at least. The pain and darkness of our situation has really met some serious opposition in the kindness and support that has come pouring into our lives. And I wanted to share some of those stories with you. … [Read more…]


Sometimes when I look at my little boy, who now has really short hair that’s falling out like snow in a winter storm, and he smiles and has that little sparkle of mischief in his eye – I see that little man I’ve spent the past 3 years with. And then other times I see … [Read more…]