2nd child sydnrome

With your first kid – ooh, poor baby! Getting shots… Stress stress stress… Second – Oh, shots? Great! He’ll sleep extra long today. Enter: more mom guilt..

Tomato boy

I really like tomato soup. Oh, there’s this one place in the city (San Francisco that is) – I haven’t figured out which days it’s their soup of the day, but they make a heavenly tomato basil! But it’s kind of a different story when your kid smells like it! So much so that now … [Read more…]

Monday update

It’s now been two weeks since Niko was admitted for his MIBG treatment. It’s been a rough road – after the week long hospital stay, Niko was only home for a 2 nights before heading to the emergency room for stomach pain and vomiting. He was definitely completely blocked up. It was a pretty scary … [Read more…]


Tomorrow we find out which arm of the clinical trial Niko will he assigned to. Yesterday, maybe it was a mistake, but we read about each one of the treatment combinations and the side effects there of. And oh man…  Now I don’t even know what to hope for, besides the general hope that he … [Read more…]


As you can see – I’m struggling to keep up this blog because – I don’t want to use it for negative thoughts and feelings, I don’t even want to voice my fears out loud to an empty room because I don’t want to give them life outside of my head, much less put them … [Read more…]