Heeeey! It’s been a while..

So often I beat myself up about not blogging more, but then I respond with – who am I kidding? I’m exhausted, things are a mess and I certainly do not feel like I seized the day. Who am I to give other parents any kind of advice or direction? Clearly – I don’t have … [Read more…]

#nikolikes traveling

We took our circus on the road yet again last month. And I must say – traveling with kids really does get easier when they get older. I thought older = smarter = more curious and = more difficult to corral, but no! The sweet promise of ipads once the plane took off the ground … [Read more…]

I am so glad you are here

I feel like I promised you some profound paths to happiness a while back… Sorry if I’m letting you down! The truth is – there’s nothing profound about happiness. I’ve always believed – happiness is all around you, you just have to learn to stop and look. But I’ve also been a very hard realist. … [Read more…]

February goals

Last week it seemed like people were running out of steam on their resolutions, so – seems like the perfect time to get more serious about mine :) 1. Palm oil. We’ve been trying to avoid it before. But now it’s to strong boycott level. And sure enough – that scandal about Nutella being the … [Read more…]

My 50 kopeksĀ 

(because -it sounds like you guys need to start becoming more familiar with Russian things . . . Kopeks are like our cents. Expect compared to American cents they’re worth much less. . )  This isn’t about politics. . . I try to be as apolitical as possible. . .  You know how -everyone loves … [Read more…]