Bahama mama through the ages

This is Princess Diana, in 1982, in the Bahamas, 6 months pregnant.


(sorry, don't know the source, just a pic that came up through a Google search on my phone)

And here’s me. Also 6 months pregnant, 32 years later, on a neighboring Island.


As you can see – in princess Di measurements I should at least be having triplets… At least!

I don’t get it… Did she not devour cookies by the dozen as well? Or is it all the hormones they put in our food these days?

Regardless, I think this is pretty cool – we’re kind of twins! Kind of… This is probably the closest I will ever come to being anything like her! Though – she was a fantastic mother and brought up two great boys so – I’m not about to stop trying! (to be more like her, that is)


    • Natasha C

      ну.. в первую беременность на этом сроке я тоже была уже далеко не принцесса..

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