Baby faves of 2015

In an effort to focus on the positive, I’d like to do a mini series of the best things from 2015. And adding in an element of good old shopping therapy – let’s look at the best “stuff”! And today that will be my favorite baby stuff!



  1. Cloud B Sleep Sheep. I’m not sure who likes this more – the baby or myself. =) It is probably one of the reasons we did co sleeping for so long. They have many different animals with different sounds, etc. I chose this exact one because it has 4 sounds and 4 music options, as well as a 23 and a 45 minute option. I saw that some of the other ones didn’t have all of those features. 
  2. Water Wipes. I’ve griped about wipes before. But this is my ultimate wipe – for everything. Regular wipes have all this stuff in them that I always want to wash off my hands after touching them, so I can’t imagine that to feel nice on a brand new tush. Minuses – they cost a little bit more and because of how they are folded – they don’t pull out cohesively from a wipe holder/box/warmer etc. But the comfort, peace of mind and true feeling of clean – make it completely worth it to me!
  3. The Ergo Baby Performance carrier. My husband was very clear on what the carrier could NOT look like if I ever wanted him to wear it (looking back now, I could have just gone with one of the pretty ones that I wanted since I ended up wearing it by far the most) – so I only looked at, sorry for the tautology but – the performance points. We had a wrap before (I though it was more cozy!) but – oh gosh! We would get so sweaty in it!! After a 15 minute walk – I would have to come home and wipe us both with a towel and change shirts. I needed something that would be quick and easy, comfortable and as breathable and air circulating as possible! I’ve had no regrets! I also got the teething pads  and I am so glad that I did! The bag that attaches at the bottom – I got as well, but I don’t recommend it. First off – the giant velcro on it ruined my pants =(, it opens so wide that – since you can’t see it when you’re wearing the baby – I was always worried f I put my items in it, or on the floor, and that was not something I wanted to deal with at an airport. But it does fit a couple diapers and a small bag of wipes and a phone..
  4. Tiny Love Take Along Mobile. I don’t understand why more of these don’t exist! This is really the only style/color/brand that I found in a few days of searching. And here’s the kicker – it costs LESS than traditional mobiles! Why I care: first time babies always get the perfect nursery with coordinating curtains and bed sheets, and their name on the wall in plush letters, etc etc. Then the baby never sleeps in there (or at least – not in our case) and before you know it – the mobile becomes a hazard (at around 4-6 months, when the baby can try to reach for it) and you feel like you spent more time attaching the darn thing to the crib than it did soothing the baby! Also – the one time when babies need the most soothing and you can’t be there to do anything is – IN THE CAR! That’s why this little thing was PERFECT! it went from crib/bassinet to carseat without him having to break eye contact with his cute twirling friends!

I was originally planning on telling you about my favorite pacifiers (these ones) but – it is true that all babies are different and our second one refused the pacifier completely so.. that’s that.

There were lots of other brilliant items that we used and loved during the first year, but these have stuck with us the longest.

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