More giving

Every hospitalization I think – how lucky we are that we have all these facilities and treatments just a drive from home. How great it is that we can all be together, and maintain a maximum level of normalcy. And I think about all the parents, sometimes single moms, that have to choose between going … [Read more…]

2nd child sydnrome

With your first kid – ooh, poor baby! Getting shots… Stress stress stress… Second – Oh, shots? Great! He’ll sleep extra long today. Enter: more mom guilt..

Gifts that give

It’s the season of giving, and what can we give to each other when not only do we already have everything, but – often much more than enough? We can give hope! Every magazine rolls out their own gift guides, and lists of things under 50$, 100$ etc. Originally I was going to mock some … [Read more…]


November is coming to an end, and it’s been a pretty great month for us! The only medical stuff Niko had were some check ups and that round of scans which brought back pretty decent news. And even though we are still living in this cancer mess, I can honestly say – we are doing … [Read more…]

Monday update

Everyone (under 18) was asleep today by 8 pm. That is an unbelievable, unprecedented moment. And that means I can get started on my Monday Update a bit earlier than usual! Niko actually fell asleep at the table! I guess we wore them out. =)   So – how Niko is feeling – overall I … [Read more…]