Baby faves of 2015

In an effort to focus on the positive, I’d like to do a mini series of the best things from 2015. And adding in an element of good old shopping therapy – let’s look at the best “stuff”! And today that will be my favorite baby stuff!   Cloud B Sleep Sheep. I’m not sure … [Read more…]

Monday update

Last week was a blur – with things getting back on track after the holidays. We’re in a “calm before scans” period right now, and they are inevitably getting closer and the nerves are starting to build… But today – I took Niko to the play cafe we used to go to on occasion. I’ve … [Read more…]

Monday update

Happy New Year! I wish I could say that last year has flown by or been great, but… It hasn’t really. And it’s looking like this one will be a bit intense with Niko’s treatment lasting through at least August. But – I was focusing on baby steps with him getting better and it is … [Read more…]

Stories of kindness

The one thing I find myself saying the most since our whole diagnosis is not “why me” or “it sucks”, it’s “thank you”. People have been so remarkable and amazing. I don’t even know of ways to adequately express my appreciation. I was hoping to give each story an individual post, though that would still … [Read more…]

More giving

Every hospitalization I think – how lucky we are that we have all these facilities and treatments just a drive from home. How great it is that we can all be together, and maintain a maximum level of normalcy. And I think about all the parents, sometimes single moms, that have to choose between going … [Read more…]