#nikolikes Coldplay

I finally wrote a letter to Coldplay. But it doesn’t fit into the form on their site!!! =) So – I’m going to place it here and send them a link to it. Maybe, hopefully, someone will read it!     Dear wonderful people of Coldplay,  I’m a long time big fan. But I’m also … [Read more…]

Time for something new

Well… if you haven’t noticed – I’ve been trying to find my blogger self for a while now. I started this blog over 4 years ago now (wow!) because I was overwhelmed at the amount of information, often conflicting, targeting pregnant women and new moms. We all want to do our best – but sometimes … [Read more…]


Today we signed a paper saying that we understand that there is a risk, and in Niko’s case the risk is doubled (20-40%) of developing liver failure from the bone marrow transplant that he starts next week. And we also understand that about 2-4% of kids die not from neuroblastoma, but from not recovering from … [Read more…]


Very few things are more depressing than “pediatric bone marrow transplant”… Am I right? But at the same time – few things can offer that much hope..

Niko update

100 years ago we didn’t have penicillin (in fact, it wasn’t discovered until 1928, and wasn’t used to treat infections until 1942!). There were so many more things to fear back then. Just think of how many times you’ve taken antibiotics in your life, and felt better soon after. And what if instead of doing … [Read more…]