My 50 kopeksĀ 

(because -it sounds like you guys need to start becoming more familiar with Russian things . . . Kopeks are like our cents. Expect compared to American cents they’re worth much less. . )  This isn’t about politics. . . I try to be as apolitical as possible. . .  You know how -everyone loves … [Read more…]

Niko’s first day

Despite my strong penchant for telling stories in accurate chronological order, I’m going to have to start with most current events first – while they’re still fresh! Otherwise I am just going to get eternally backlogged and there will be no hope whatsoever. Today was a big day. Not just because it’s November 1st and … [Read more…]

Thursday night

We are home! From our last hospital stay! It’s all so hard to believe… But it is still monumental nonetheless. We got to witness a whole group of medical students go from their first nervous days of residency to super bad ass second years.. :) learned all the nurses names (and I’m bad with names!) … [Read more…]

Coldplay letter continued

People have been asking me about Coldplay… And I’ve been putting off writing about it, even though I knew I should, because they kind of broke my heart… And I spent some time getting over it – didn’t want to write about it while I was still upset. And after that – I didn’t really … [Read more…]

#nikolikes Pixar!

Before I wrote a letter to Coldplay, I wrote one to Pixar (guess I like writing letters.. =)) and had the honor and the pleasure of hand delivering it! One of Niko’s doctors has a friend that works there – and we got to go for a tour. IT WAS AMAZING!! Definitely more so for … [Read more…]