1. Anonymous

    О, отлично :) я за!
    Я картинку видела и поняла, что это оно. Но так и не поняла для чего это. У нас бандажи для поддержки живота растущего. А эта штука для того, чтобы одежда не спадала что ли?

  2. Natasha

    Don't confuse blame with giving credit! =) If this belly panel thing turns out to be incredible – it will still be you who told me to get it! =)
    I wear a lot of ribbed tanktops and tuck them into pants, really comfy so far! And just sweatpants, pj pants… I'm such a bum.. =)

  3. Natasha

    Giveaway – (writing in English for everyone ;)) will be me sending some free stuff to a reader/commenter either chosen at random or for the most comments or something like that.

    Бэлли Пенел – на картинке нарисованно, то что телесного цвета.

  4. Anonymous

    I never used it. But my friend managed to wear non-pregnancy pants for the whole 9 months with that thing (unzipped, of course).

  5. Anonymous

    Keep blaming the belly panel on me ;) You slide it up under your shirt and over your pants to wear it over your belly or, like NH said, doubled for holding them up or under belly back support later on. It helps you stay in your regular pants for a lot longer. Some ladies do it the entire pregnancy and don't buy maternity pants. I couldn't get away with it. I carried too out front. But tip to the mommas to be out there…Take a hair band and loop it through the button hole and around the button to help hold things up under the band while you are smaller. Also, later it works as a nice boobie band under the hospital gown when you have company. Also can work as an under shirt band to conceal cleavage in shirts that show too much while your boobies are bigger. :)

  6. Anonymous

    Что за гивэуэз? Это что такое? И бэлли пэнел тоже мне непонятно.это то, что у нас «бандаж» называется? Прям не пост у тебя, а сплошная загадка ;)аня м

  7. Anonymous

    My belly panel was helpful in holding up my pregnancy jeans, since the denim was kinda heavy for the elastic to hold up. If you aren't huge yet, you can always double it up in thickness and used it to help hold your pants up. It helps take a little pressure off your back when you get further along, too. I think the girl in the picture is wearing a tank underneath her belly band, so she isn't flashing the world. Most normal people wear it under their shirt and over their pants. – NH

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