1. Natasha

    As the godmother, I'm sure you have special privileges, but my rule is – if you don't ask before touching, I don't have to ask before punching you in the eye. =)

    Get your own and touch it all you want!!!!
    I originally thought they actually take the umbilical chord and tie it into a knot, but they just tie it off with a piece of string, and so depending on how much is left – determined what kind of belly button,
    here instead of tying they clamp it..

  2. Katya

    haha=))) just for you i'll change from Lurker to Hyena=))))

    oh, and be happy your not here – I'm a toucher – I was harassing poor Stacy all the time… I really couldn't control it=(((( sorry ladies…

    P.S. – on bellybuttons – mine was tied, but it's an innie… my sister's is too… so maybe depends on the doctor's knot style?

  3. Anonymous

    I was the same way…some days I looked more preggo than others. I was bigger in the evening or after I ate. LOL Must have been a piggy! The shape of my belly changed daily too. It moved all the time. Sometimes high sometimes low. And the touching…I was ok if asked. I too wanted to slap people if they touched. I only had one occasion….I guess you need to develop your "get away from me" b*#@hy face a little more. I also carried my bag in front so there was something in the way to block unwanted touching. LOL

    Baby shower….I will send you a private message on FB to explaning the American tradition. A lot of people have different views so I will tell you mine. SG

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